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Amma™ (Portable Scalp Cooling System) is indicated for adults and is appropriate for patients with solid tumors.

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“Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are dealing with the hardest challenge one can face; keeping their hair is critical to their mental health, their sense of self, and their recovery process.”

Kate Dilligan, CEO

Cooler Heads was founded in 2018 by Kate Dilligan, a tech entrepreneur and breast cancer survivor, to protect the dignity, privacy, and identity of cancer patients. After Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer, she spent $8,000 on traditional cold cap therapy.

After talking with countless cancer patients frustrated by the high cost, poor fit, and difficulty of use of existing methods, Kate was determined to engineer a better way.

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Amma™ is designed to be portable and wholly self-administered by the patient. Due to the mobility of the unit, the patient can leave the infusion chair to complete their scalp cooling therapy.

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Kate Dilligan

Founder & CEO

Dan Glazerman

Head of Engineering

Ryan Denney


Chris Cook


Courtney Turich

VP of North American Sales

Caitlin Phelan

Director of Commercialization

Julia DeVincenzo

Director of Customer Advocacy and Clinical Training

Devon Perryman

Operations Manager

Leah Amir

Market Access

Lyssa Friedman

Clinical Operations

Erica Livingston

Quality Systems

Our story

Cooler Heads transforms life for people diagnosed with cancer by giving them more control over how they experience the side effects of treatment. Cooler Heads' debut product is Amma™, an affordable and transportable scalp-cooling system that democratizes the innovative therapy. Amma™ gives people with cancer a choice in whether they lose their hair during chemotherapy. This impacts more than how they look; it impacts their entire sense of self and can improve their mental health and their recovery.

Patented and cleared by the FDA, Amma™ is the world's first scalp-cooling solution that people administer themselves. It makes scalp-cooling accessible to anyone, anywhere. That means people spend less time in infusion centers, and more time living life on their own terms.

Kate and two of her nieces during Christmas 2016 halfway through 8 cycles of chemo.

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If you are interested in acquiring the Amma™ system at your hospital or infusion center, please call us at 619-930-9197, or email us at .